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Taxis are no different to any other personal car; the only difference being that they are used as a service allowing people to get to their destination for a fee. Under the umbrella of taxi businesses fall black cabs, chauffeurs, private hire and public hire taxis.

As with any vehicle that is to be used on public roads sufficient protection should be taken out protecting the business the driver and the passenger of any risks that may lie ahead.

Taxi Insurance is a legal requirement

Whether it’s a personal vehicle or a taxi, insurance is required by law if you are to be driving on UK public roads. For any type of taxi business making sure you have the relevant taxi insurance policy is vital ensuring not only the vehicle is covered but also the driver and any passengers it may be carrying too.

Which taxi insurance policy is right for you?

As a general start you should find a taxi insurance company that suits your type of taxi service. For example taxi business owners of black cabs would require different protection to those owning a chauffeur service.

There will be subtle differences between insurance providers so it’s worth your while to research each one and know what it is you’re covered for and more importantly what you are not.

If you have multiple vehicles to cover it is best to consider a fleet taxi insurance policy.

What level of taxi insurance cover is required?

Although taxi insurance is legally required the level of cover you take out is up to you. Of course, when possible you should take out the most comprehensive cover possible, covering yourself from every angle. What’s important is covering yourself comfortably as nobody can predict what may happen – you could end up with a taxi being off the road for several hours or several days.

The bottom line is your business depends on taxi’s being out on the roads picking up fares and if it can’t then you need to minimalise the costs while work is being carried out.

Accidents do happen and it’s important to remember that it’s not only the welfare of your drivers you need to keep in your forefront but also the passengers. Fortunately public liability will make the situation a lot easier for you taking care of any legal implications.

It’s worth noting that not all taxi insurance policies offer public liability so make sure you’re clear on where you stand before committing to any taxi insurance policy.

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Taxi Insurance

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Taxi Insurance
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