Taxi Drivers Warned of Thefts

Taxi Drivers Warned of Thefts

Taxi drivers warned not to keep valuables in their cars

A recent upsurge in break-ins has led police in Crawley to warn taxi drivers not to keep valuable in their cars overnight.

Brazen thieves have broken into taxis right outside the drivers’ homes or even in their driveways and made off with cash floats and valuable electronic equipment such as sat navs. Some have even stolen taxi signs from vehicles as their hard-working owners slept.

As part of a crackdown, Crawley Police have appealed to drivers to take down any signs which distinguish the cars as taxis as they believe the perpetrators are deliberately targeting taxis.

“Taxi drivers please take note – thefts from cabs is definitely on the increase and we can not stress enough to remove everything when you’ve finished your shift – floats, satnavs, phones, anything that can be removed, basically. If you can easily remove anything that identifies your vehicle as a cab then do even if you park it on your own driveway,” said a police statement.

Six taxis were broken into between 3am and 7am on Monday, March 4, in Beachy Road, Wisborough Court, Trist Way, Trefoil Crescent, Henderson Road and Lansbury Road. Sat navs were stolen from the cars in Trefoil Crescent and Henderson Road, nothing was stolen from the other cars.

In the last week, six taxis have been broken into, with the incidents taking place between 3am and 7am. Two of the cars have sat-navs stolen from them.

Police in Crawley have arrested two men in connection with the break-ins, a 20-year-old from the town and an 18-year-old man Horley.

The pair have also been questioned in connection with the theft of a motorcycle.

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